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President Of Irish Cattle Association Likens Veganism To A Cult

The President of the Irish Cattle and Sheep Farmers’ Association, Patrick Kent, has called veganism “a kind of a cult movement”.

He voiced his views to Agriland reporter Claire McCormack during a live stream of the National Ploughing Championships this year.

When asked if veganism posed a threat to Irish farming, Kent said: “I think we have a massive opportunity to address some of these issues. Veganism now is very, very financed and it is kind of a cult movement.

“I think it needs to be tackled for what it is; it’s controlled malnutrition. People are eating less nutrient-dense foods than ever before.

“A tomato in the 1940s had apparently as much nutrition as eight tomatoes today. So people are eating a lot more calories, but they’re actually malnourished.”

Watch the full video of Kent’s comments below: 

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