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Irish Actress And Vegan Evanna Lynch Condemns Sloth Selfies

Irish actress and vegan, Evanna Lynch, has condemned sloth selfies in the wake of an exposé shedding light on the practice.

Speaking to Mashable, she said that it is “up to us, the consumers” to stop the practice by getting rid of the demand. She continued: “We’re just trying to get people to say no to these things and to remind others, their friends and their families that it isn’t cool.”

Her comments come after the release of a video by World Animal Protection, which highlighted the horror behind wild sloths being captured and sold as little more than props in tourists’ selfies.

The undercover footage shows loggers capturing a sloth from a felled tree and tossing the animal into a black bag. According to Mashable, the sloth in the video was sold for $13.

In the World Animal Protection’s report, A close up on cruelty: The harmful impact of wildlife selfies in the Amazon’, it was noted that humans cannot easily tell when sloths are suffering. This is due to the structure of a sloth’s face, which gives the impression that they are always smiling and therefore happy.

The report also states that sloths captured for selfies suffer immensely and most don’t survive more than 6 months after their capture.

Like 200,000 others, commit to taking cruelty free wildlife photos today by signing up to the World Animal Protection’s ‘Wildlife Selfie Code‘.

Watch the video from World Animal Protection below: 

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