irish vegan business

Irish Vegan Meat Producer To Expand In Europe

Irish vegan meat producer, Moodley Manor, is set to expand in Europe.

According to LIVE KINDLY, the company is planning “a Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Italian rollout with two amazing European chains in the next year”.

Over the past several years, Moodley Manor has gone from strength to strength. It has a loyal customer base in Ireland, several successful restaurant partnerships and a Dublin-based food truck. Now the company has announced its expansion into Europe, which is set to happen next year.

irish vegan business
Photo: Moodley Manor

Their product range is a vegan’s dream;  Boss Burgers, Badass Bacon, Chick-hun, More-ish Mince, Moodley Roast, Savage Sausage, 3 AM Garlic Mayo, and Devil’s Deli Salami Slices.

Click here for Moodley Manor stockist information. You’ll spot their Eat my Veg food truck in Bushy Park in Terenure, Dublin every Saturday.

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