Prince Charles Visits Vegan Food Stall In Cork

Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, visited the English Market in Co. Cork on Thursday, and stopped by vegan food stall, My Goodness, while they were there.

My Goodness is a vegan food company specialising in living, probiotic products. Their Facebook page states that they “use vegetables from top to tail to create pestos, pates, krauts, crackers, & cake”. They also harvest rain water to make a range of sparkling kefir and kombucha beverages.

The business is run by Virginia O’Gara and according to the Independent she had great fun joking around about the visit, initially saying, “I don’t know much about him because I’m from Texas! Is it the musician, Prince?”

According to the Independent, her friend Lean Malone said, “He’s very ecologically minded which is quite a good thing. How much money is spent on these events is kind of problematic but it’s good for the market and good for Cork.”

my goodness vegan Prince Charles

The royals tried some mint kefir (made from fermented Irish rain water) and the Duchess of Cornwall said that she liked it.

O’Gara took advantage of the visit by talking to Prince Charles about sustainability and veganism.

She posted about the visit on her Facebook page, and although a commenter criticised her for being optimistic about their vegan chat, she responded by saying, “Not everyone can be born as cool and enlightened as we are, give the guy a chance. Soon he’ll be listening to Crass, eating tabooleh and making sick college art.”

my goodness vegan Prince Charles

We all have to start somewhere!

Image: My Goodness’ Facebook page

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