5 Must-Buy Vegan Foods for Christmas Dinner

It’s hard to believe Christmas is here after such a long and turbulent year, but here we are.

It would be easy to ignore festivities this holiday season and cocoon in a duvet with a Pot Noodle until 2021, but just because Christmas is different this year doesn’t mean it has to be miserable. You may be able to meet with loved ones or you may not, but thanks to an ever-growing range of vegan food options, your dinner has the potential to be your best yet.

Even if you’re a whizz in the kitchen and plan on making everything from scratch you may want to check out some of these options. 

Image from veganic.ie

Winter Roast – Terra Vegane {for sale now at veganic.ie}

There’s nothing like a proper meat-free roast at Christmas. No offence to nuts (Jamie Oliver’s cranberry and pistachio infused recipe is fantastic), but this winter roast from Terra Vegane looks an absolute treat. It’s a beef alternative filled with lentil and sage seitan, as well as a cranberry and buckwheat stuffing with gravy mix included. Priced at just €12.50, you can’t go wrong. Veganic also have the Terra Vegane diced bacon bits which would be delicious with brussel sprouts roasted in maple syrup. Anyone else salivating?

Image from lidl.ie

Mini Roasts – Lidl Deluxe {for sale now}

Speaking of nut roasts, if you’re looking for something relatively small (and super cheap!) don’t look any further than these sage, onion and hazelnut roasts from Lidl which cost just €2.49! 

Image from aldi.ie

Vegan Wreath – Aldi {for sale Dec 21st}

Many of you have probably faced a Christmas spread that looks fairly unappetising since becoming vegan (even if it tastes divine!) but this pastry wreath from Aldi filled with chestnut mushrooms, butternut squash and stuffing looks every bit the Christmas centrepiece. And it’s only €4.99! 

Image from veganic.ie

Mature Cheese – Happy Cashew {€7.80 at veganic.ie}

Every one of us deserves a luxurious charcuterie cheese board this year. There’s never been a better selection of vegan cheeses to choose from, but there are some truly blasta products on the market at the moment. This cheese from Happy Cashew is made with organic greek herbs, rock salt and breaded cashew nuts. Pair it with a punnet of red grapes and some meat-free salami slices. 

Image from sgaiafoods.co.uk

Mheat Steak – Sgaia {£3.90 from sgaiafoods.co.uk}

Maybe you’re the only vegan in the house, in which case you’d probably prefer to get a single portion of something rather than a full roast. A meat-free steak would be an ideal option as you don’t have to worry about polishing off all the leftovers by yourself. Although Sgaia’s traditional sage and onion roast is sold out, you can still have a gorgeous meal with their Mheat steak. Made with wheat gluten and seasoned with pure beech smoke, it’s bound to hit the spot. 

What are you eating for Christmas dinner? Are you making everything yourself? Share in the comments!

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