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Tesco Line Of Vegan Cheeses Hits Irish Stores

Tesco ‘s line of own brand vegan cheeses have just been launched in its Irish stores, according to Live Kindly.

The ‘Free From’ cheeses first hit shelves in April last year after the success of Sainsbury’s range. Tesco teamed up with Bute Island Foods (who also worked with Sainsbury’s) to develop their own coconut-based cheese.

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Irish Vegan Meat Producer To Expand In Europe

Irish vegan meat producer, Moodley Manor, is set to expand in Europe.

According to LIVE KINDLY, the company is planning “a Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Italian rollout with two amazing European chains in the next year”.

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Plant-Based Range Helps Tesco Profits Soar

Tesco’s profits have soared recently thanks to the success of its plant-based line, Wicked Kitchen.

The line – which was launched in over 70 Irish stores nationwide – includes approximately 20 vegan-friendly options, including sandwiches and pizza.

Products sold out around the country just days after release. This has been cited as a major factor in why Tesco’s share price has risen to its highest since 2015.

Wicked Kitchen
Image from Tescopic

Tesco’s Head of Plant Based Innovation, Derek Sarno, said, “We’re selling out everywhere and are wicked happy about that. If it’s not there when you try to find it, know it’s coming. If your local Tesco doesn’t sell it – then ask them to.

“We’re really so happy and thrilled to finally have something to eat that tastes as good as the mission feels. I just keep thinking every time someone has one of the meals that means they’re not eating animals – and that is a good thought.”

Wicked Kitchen has also announced plans to expand with new lunch options.

Sarno has said that the new items will include updated packaging, improved existing products and new innovation.

You can buy any 2 Wicked Kitchen products for €9 now at Tesco.ie.