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Irish Café Owner Credits Veganism For Leukaemia Recovery

The owner of Earth Café, Cork’s new vegan eatery, has said that her plant-based diet is the reason for her full recovery from leukaemia.

Carmel O’Sullivan opened the café a few months ago with the goal of making tasty vegan food that’s convenient and accessible, and with thousands of happy customers, it seems she’s done just that.

Earth Café Cork
Image from Earth Café Cork’s Facebook page

In an interview with the Evening Echo, she said that veganism “opened up a whole new world for her which she felt compelled to share”.

Speaking about her lifestyle change, she said, “I became vegan literally overnight because I learned exactly how dairy is produced and immediately I felt I could not contribute to the suffering of the animals. Once I became vegan I actually couldn’t believe that I hadn’t done it sooner, if you have a little knowledge, it is not difficult at all.

“Everything I loved to eat, I still could — just the vegan version. YouTube was my best friend for the start as you can literally find every recipe you want on it. People always assume that veganism is too extreme — on the contrary, it is about love, compassion and respect, there is nothing extreme about any of those traits.”

O’Sullivan was diagnosed with leukaemia four years ago in 2014 and went through what is described as a “gruelling” treatment regime.

She continued, “[The] doctors said I had genetic markers which indicated [the leukaemia] would come back in two years, so I literally had to wipe the slate clean, remove all traces of my DNA, and have a bone marrow transplant.”

O’Sullivan had to be tube-fed during treatment in St James’ in Dublin, but she remained a strict vegan throughout. She insisted that the liquid feed was vegan and said it was the one thing she wouldn’t compromise on.

“I fully credit veganism with my recovery,” she continued, “A lot of people went through what I did and didn’t make it out the other side; statistically, 10-15% of people don’t make it through a bone marrow transplant. I’ve no doubt about it and even doctors admit they were flabbergasted at my recovery.”

Earth Café is open 7 days a week with a staff of five, including O’Sullivan and her son, and serves a wide range of comfort foods like scones, pastries, burgers, hot dogs and cakes.

In celebration of Earth Day, the café are giving away 50 free coffees on Sunday 22nd April and Monday 23rd to the first 50 customers who pop in on either of the days. All you have to do is show that you like them on Facebook and Instagram to get a coffee of your choice on the house!


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Irish American Actress Says Veganism Is Her Truth

Irish American actress, Kate Mara, has recently said that veganism is one of her five personal truths.

In an interview with Shape, Mara talked about animal rights and how important veganism is to her.

Mara has been a vegan for five years. She said, “I found it hard to give up cheese at first because I love it so much. But I haven’t missed meat at all.”

She decided to go vegan after reading a book called The Beauty Detox Solution by Kimberly Snyder. “It’s about how our bodies are not meant to digest animal products and what we should be eating instead,” she said.

Although she initially went vegan for her health, she embraced the vegan lifestyle after realising that working on behalf of animals is “life-changing”. She raised money for chimps abandoned by a medical organisation in Liberia two years ago and the project was a big success.

Speaking about the experience, she said, “I didn’t realise what I was missing until I started working with and for animals. To protect innocent creatures in ways they can’t do themselves is really an amazing thing.”

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Vegan Takeout In Ireland On The Rise, Says Just Eat

Vegan takeout orders are on the rise in Ireland.

According to Just Eat, Irish consumers are ordering more plant-based food in 2018 than ever before.

The company has revealed that orders for vegetarian food have risen by 25%, and that vegan pizza, vegan korma and falafel bowls are among the most requested foods by Irish customers.

The rise in vegan food orders is no surprise to the company, according to Just Eat marketing director, Edel Kinane. Speaking on the spike, she said, “We predicted a strong demand in healthy options, vegetarian and vegan food for 2018, and our data for the year so far reflects that.”

The company has also reported that a whopping one third of the 78,700 restaurants available for delivery on the app offer plant-based options.