Vegan Éire is a new website for Irish vegans and seeks to spread the vegan message on the island of Ireland.

We endeavour to keep readers up to date on news, events, new vegan products, vegan friendly places to eat and drink, as well as features and opinion pieces on veganism in Ireland.

Fun Fact

Éire in Irish means ‘Ireland’, but without the fada (that little slanted line on top of the first letter) eire on its own means ‘a burden’.

If you’re already vegan, you’ll know veganism is anything but a burden, but unfortunately we couldn’t include the fada in our official website address! Just in case you’re a gaeilgeoir and were confused!

It’s pronounced like ‘era’ and we like to think of it as a new vegan era for Ireland. Just watch this space!

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Founder Vegan ÉireMary McFadden combined her MA in Magazine Journalism with her passion for veganism and created Vegan Éire in order to spread the vegan message on the island of Ireland.

It will act as a source of information for vegans and those thinking of transitioning to veganism, as well as a news outlet for Irish vegan news.

Mary blogs at innerpeasvegan.wordpress.com about vegan food and lifestyle as well as about mental health issues.

If you have any questions or you’d like to contribute to the website, please email Mary at veganeiremagazine@gmail.com!

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