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Vegan Items On The Menu For School Lunch Initiative

A new lunch initiative for primary schools will give thousands of Irish children access to vegan meals.

TD Regina Doherty announced that the Hot School Meals scheme is to include up to 36 schools and each school involved must provide two menu choices a day as well as a vegan option. It will also be mandatory to take students’ religious and cultural dietary requirements into consideration.

It has been hailed among the vegan community as a great step forward for the future.

The scheme will begin in September on a trial basis.

Letterkenny To Host Donegal’s First Vegan Easter Fair

Letterkenny is set to host Donegal’s first vegan Easter fair this Saturday (April 13th). The event has been organised by Donegal S.P.C.A. and will take place from 1pm – 5pm in Dillons Hotel.

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Irish Ad Company Refuses Vegan Posters On Transport

An Irish advertising firm has refused to place Go Vegan World posters on transport in what is calling “pro-dairy bias”.

Exterion Media Ireland exclusively carries ads on buses and trains around the country, and Go Vegan World has accused them of having “a preferential concern for the Irish dairy industry over the rights of the public to the information in the ads”.

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