Irish Animal Rights Activist Plans Fundraiser For Chinese Dogs

Irish MUA and animal rights activist, Alisha Davey of Flawless and Pawless, has planned a fundraiser to rescue dogs from the meat trade in China.

The fundraiser, which sold out within days, aims to raise awareness about the Yulin Dog Festival, where dog meat is eaten during the summer solstice. An estimated 10,000–15,000 dogs are consumed over the course of the festival, which takes place from 21st June – 30th June.

Activists all over the world have protested the festival and its cruelty since its inception in 2009. Davey is hosting a cruelty-free makeup masterclass in Skinfull Affairs on Exchequer Street on Tuesday 5th June, and although it is sold out, you can still support the fundraiser by meeting Davey for a drink in Drury Buildings on Clarendon Street in Dublin City Centre where cash donations will be accepted. The goal is to send the money to Second Chance Dogs China by Friday 8th June to help them during their rescue trip.

It takes approx. $800-$1000 to rescue just ONE dog from China. 100% of the funds raised from Davey’s event go towards physically bringing the dogs back to their new owners in Seattle and every penny helps to keep the dogs safe and healthy in dog shelters in China.

Second Chance Dogs China is an amazing organisation that rescues puppies and dogs from the meat trade and cosmetic laboratories in China.

For anyone who can’t make the meet-up, Flawless and Pawless will have a PayPal link in her Instagram bio for people to donate.

Image: CC by 2.0. Cropped.

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